According to the NSPCC, the average child in the US has had 1,500 pictures of themselves posted on social networks by the age of five. Is it the right thing to do?

NSPCC thinks it’s not and they urge parents to avoid posting pictures of their babies online. In a new study, researchers found that every fifth parent posts images of their children online at least once a month without child’s permission and this can be a safety concern.

According to a spokeswoman, it is dangerous to share so much information about your child when he/she is so young and it is really important to ask their permission before uploading anything online. Why is it so important, you may wonder?

Making photo of a sleeping child

Researchers say that very young children don’t understand what’s going on and if you’re not sure whether they would be happy or embarrassed, it’s best not to post anything. YouGov surveyed over 1,000 parents who said that they prefer not to post images of their children.

87% of them believe that their children’s life should remain private until they grow up and decide whether they want to share something with others. 38% of parents believe that they think their children wouldn’t want to be featured on their parent’s social profiles.

For example, the founder and CEO of Mumsnet Justine Roberts believe it’s better not to post pictures of her kids. She says she doesn’t even have a Facebook account even though it’s very tempting. She says that when you post something online, you don’t have control over it anymore. She admits that it’s fine to post a generic photo but would your children be comfortable with pictures of them taking a bath? Many parents don’t think they would.

Child in bath

Many parents who choose to share say they restrict who can view these pictures. Moreover, 52% of parents think their children would allow them to upload these pictures.

What do you think about this? I personally post pictures of my children but I restrict who can view them. I love creative baby photo shoots and I think they are really cute.