There are no universal ways to parenting, so new moms and dads have to do a lot of guesswork. Most of the time, they listen to their parents, friends and the internet but they might now give the best advice. And we often too rushed to ask questions.

Your pediatrician knows what can help you, but even they can be hesitant to be honest with parents. Therefore, here are 9 things pediatricians wish you would know.

1. The Internet Isn’t the Best Advisor

Google isn’t a pediatrician and it can’t give you the answer to all your problems. Of course, there are trusted websites that publish proven data, but if you have serious concerns, you should always see your doctor.

Internet isn't the best advisor

2. You Don’t Need To Go To ER That Often

Of course, there are extreme emergencies when you really need ER. However, most of the time a pediatrician’s office next day is the best decision.

3. Sometimes, You Don’t Need Antibiotics

You want your child to feel better as soon as possible and that’s understandable, but antibiotics can’t help in all situations. Antibiotics help with bacterial infections, not with viral illnesses. Coughs and colds need time to go away and when you give too many antibiotics, your child develops antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


4. Don’t Refuse Vaccinations

While some parents use too much medicine, others get scared by everything. Everyone knows vaccine is a good thing, yet parents don’t want to give it to their children. According to the FDA, vaccines prevent deadly illnesses when done properly. When you refuse vaccinations, your child is unprotected.

5. No More Unlimited Screen Time

Screen is an important part of our lives but your children need to be active, play with peers and talk to adults. They should interact with other people instead of playing video games all day long.

Limit Screentime

6. Child’s Cold Can Appear For Different Reasons

Many parents think that kids can catch cold outside in 10 seconds. The truth is, nothing will happen if they make a short walk to the car without a jacket. Cold is a viral illness and it comes from the spread of germs – your child can touch anything and they get in their mouth, nose and eyes.

7. Well-Child Visits Are Important

Everyone has busy life and well-child visits might not be essential, but don’t just pass them by. You can prevent many diseases if you don’t skip these appointments. The doctor will evaluate vision and hearing problems, blood pressure, heart murmurs, etc. Besides, it will make your child feel more comfortable with the doctor.

8. Q-tips Aren’t For Your Child’s Ears

With Q-tips, you’re pushing wax into the ear, so it isn’t good for your child’s hygiene. Sometimes, children have ear pain or hearing problems because their ears have too much wax from the Q-tip pushing it back. The best way to clean child’s ears is to let some water get into them during bath time.

9. Fever Isn’t That Scary

Fever is dangerous only for newborns. After that, it’s just one more thing to tell to your doctor. High temperature, runny nose, pain or cough is information that will help the doctor to prescribe appropriate treatment. But you shouldn’t freak out about it.