Of course, parenting is one of the most rewarding things in the world. However, it is also one of the most challenging. That’s why parents can inadvertently say things that have negative impact on their children.

Read on to find the most common phrases that parents should never say to their kids.

Calm Down

You can’t calm down a child when he/she is going through a tantrum by saying ‘calm down!’ What you can do is to be patient while finding the root of the problem.

You’re Lazy

No, your child isn’t lazy. There is a reason why he/she can’t accomplish something. Don’t attack self-esteem of your child. Instead, find ways to motivate your kid.

Hurry Up

This phrase is so common in many houses but it often doesn’t help at all. If you are running late, be more specific about what he/she needs to do.

I’ve Told You 100 Times Already

If you have to repeat yourself, maybe you have a wrong communication strategy. Try asking open-ended questions to make your child listen.

You Shouldn’t Be Scared

It is fine to get scared so saying this invalidates child’s feeling, making them feel that you just don’t understand.

Stop Acting Like a Baby

Kids act like kids and that’s ok. If your kid is behaving poorly, analyze the situation. They can misbehave when they are scared or nervous. Listen to their feelings to find the underlying problem.

You’re Ridiculous

Children need your help and support and saying this phrase makes them feel useless. If you think that your child is doing something silly, just ask them why.

You’re So Selfish

With this phrase, you deny the feelings of your child. Don’t become one of those parents who get lost in childhood and blame children for that.

What other phrases do you know that you shouldn’t tell your kid? Share in the comments below!