Do you find yourself saying something to your kid without thinking about it? Even though it can be hard to remain in control, there are things you can say you will definitely regret.

Here are the powerful phrases that are hurtful for a child.

You Didn’t Want To Hit Your Brother/Sister, I Know

Of course, they wanted to. When children are angry, they can follow an instinctive reaction to hit someone they love and feel good about it. Parents should explain to kids that they should regulate their emotions and actions while acknowledging that negative feelings are fine.

fighting chldren

You Shouldn’t Be Mad At Your Sister/Brother

Children can’t choose what they feel but you can help them cope with their feelings. When you say ‘don’t feel this way’, it is ineffective and suggests that it is bad to feel a certain way. Neither of these is helpful, so kids end up confused.

Why Can’t You Be Like…

This is very destructive and will make your child feel lonely. Parents should learn to embrace the idea that all kids are different, even if you raise them in the same house.

You’re The Best!

This may seem like an innocent compliment, but when used often, it makes kids feel that they have a unique gift that makes them better than others. Some children can also avoid situations where they know they can’t be the best. What you can do is to acknowledge their hard work and compliment their achievements.

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You’re Better Than…

If you say this to your child, he/she will be better than others in narcissism and nothing else. Children believe your words and start behaving like they are better than others. It is bad for them and for people around them.

Have you ever said any of these phrases? How do you think, do they help?