Your cell phone is more than merely a device for texting and web browsing. In case of emergency you can use it to call 911 or get in touch with your spouse. However, what will you do if your phone battery is dead?

Power banks are virtually indispensable for vacation trips. They might also come in handy in situations when you have forgotten to charge your phone and have to make an important call. What’s more, they will help you to power numerous accessories like portable fans, flashlights and audio players.

When choosing a power bank, it is always reasonable to decide on high-capacity devices like the RAVPower 22000. Here is what makes this power bank an absolute bargain:

  • An extremely high capacity of 22,000mAh is enough to fully charge your phone from five to eight times: forget about being tied to wall outlets.
  • As many as 3 USB ports make it possible to charge several devices at the same time with no loss of charging speed.
  • A high-density lithium polymer battery will retain about 80% of its initial capacity even after 500 charge cycles.
  • The power bank comes with software that will automatically determine the voltage and current optimal for charging your mobile device.
  • You can simultaneously charge the power bank and use it to power your phone or tablet.
  • The RAVPower 22000 is protected against voltage surges, high temperatures, short circuits and overcharge.
  • A 2.4A high-speed input makes it possible to fully charge the power bank in less than 11 hours.

Highest output on the market

  • The battery of the power bank is encased in fire-resistant thermoplastic alloy.
  • The power bank will not drain power even if you don’t use it for several weeks.
  • You can use any standard wall charger to charge the RAVPower 22000.
  • The power bank will automatically turn off if not used for 10 seconds. It will automatically turn on when you plug it into a wall outlet.
  • The RAVPower 22000 weighs less than 15 ounces; it is only 6.5 inches long and 2.8 inches high.
  • The power bank comes with two USB to micro-USB cables: one of the cables is of standard length (10 inches), and the other one is extra-long (26 inches).
  • The RAVPower 22000 is very moderately priced: it is a good power bank to buy even if you have a limited budget.

The RAVPower 22000 characteristics

Although the RAVPower 22000 comes with a carry pouch, you might also want to buy a special travel bag such as the Khanka Hard Case Travel Bag that will ideally fit the power bank. Here are the main features of this bag:

  • There are separate pockets for USB cables and a wall charger.
  • There is a comfortable handle that makes carrying the power bank safe and easy.
  • The bag is only slightly larger than the power bank: it is 8.3 inches long and 3.2 inches high.
  • The travel bag is made of semi-waterproof and shockproof polymer that will provide additional protection against occasional impacts and falls.

RAVPower 22000 carry pouch