One of a few things you uniquely share with your spouse is sex. It is a vital part of marriage but may couple still fight a lot about sex without realizing the amazing benefits it can do for both partners. And the most common issue is when a husband wants more sex than a wife.

How much sex is normal?

When I told my friends that I had an amazing week, they laughed and said that I probably had a lot of sex with my husband. And when I thought about it, I realized they were right: we had been having sex more often than we normally do. Usually, I don’t need as much sex as my husband does, and we seemed to be fine with that. But why was that week so special then?

Of course, men and women have different attitude to sex; what is surprising is that we often forget these particular differences. Men tend to respond to visual cues, touch and taste, while women require more time to switch off from daily life and then to switch on for sex. Quite often, this difference between genders leads to sexual incompatibility, misunderstanding and arguments.

Improving Your Sex Life

Many women have a romantic notion to sex; it should be equally desired and satisfying for both partners or one shouldn’t engage in it. And if a couple does sex when a man wants it and a woman doesn’t, the act is considered mechanical. Of course, ideally, every time a husband and a wife have sex, they should equally want it. But given the different natures of two genders, this is not always like that and it is totally normal. If a wife seeks romance – and she has all rights to seek it – it would help her to realize that her relationships could be much happier if her husband isn’t regularly denied sex.

Of course, men have emotional needs, as well. But a man’s view of romance is more focused on sexual affirmation. In other words, a husband pursues romance based on sexual tension and he can’t do anything about it. So if you notice that your husband is more stressed about everything for no reason, he probably needs sex. And if you make him happy, you will feel happier as well. It’s a win-win situation.

No matter how many years you’ve spent together, your husband will always think like a man. And a good solution for a wife who loves her husband is to be guided by her mind when decided whether to deny sex. At the end of the day, sex reminds you of your femininity/masculinity. And it reminds you of your amazing relationship with each other.