Are you frustrated by your child who you know can do more in sports/school/at home, etc.? While everyone parent can feel this way sometimes, there are phrases that you should never say to your kid.

While parents don’t want harm their children, there are commonly used expressions that unknowingly damage children. Here they are:

You Did Great, But…

You can say everything after ‘but’ to make a positive phrase sound quite negative. All the motivation and self-esteem boost your child could get from a compliment are lost.

I Do Everything for You

When you say it, your child feels guilt and anger. Besides, if you say you do everything for your child, it means you don’t have life because of him/her. Of course, the child will think he/she is the problem.

You Could Do Better

Of course, every parent thinks their child is the best (the genius, at least!) thus many parents expect quite a lot. If you constantly say your child could be better without acknowledging his/her achievements, the child will only do worse.

I Am Angry At You

Parents have to be patient, always. This helps avoid saying things we will regret. Stay calm to be the positive role model for your child.

Stop Eating That or You Will Get Fat

Of course, we all want our kids to eat healthy but when you’re switching to a healthy diet, focus on its benefits instead of negative perceptions of body weight. Emphasizing the weight can hurt child’s self-esteem.

You Are Fat/Ugly

You can do a lot to help your overweight child manage this issue. However, saying that he/she is ugly is very hurtful and not helping at all. Body shaming can lead to eating disorders and low self-esteem.

What do you say to your child instead of these harmful phrases? Share your ideas in the comments section!