As the Internet is full of various tips on how to make your relationship stronger, we cannot avoid offering our two cents’ worth: be thoughtful, be considerate, be caring. Always ask yourself, ‘How can I help my partner?’, and never hesitate to give them a helping hand.

Here are time-proven ways to let your husband or wife know that you never stop thinking about his or her needs.

Express your gratitude. ‘Thank you’ is a very simple phrase; however, it shows your partner that you appreciate what they do. Lack of appreciation might in the long run lead to withdrawal which is a common cause of breakup.

Say ‘Thanks’ every time there is an opportunity to do so; be always sincere in your appreciation. It is an extremely easy thing to do, and it really works.

Support your loved ones in what they do. Try to know a lot about their work and pastimes; things that they strive for; their beliefs and opinions. This does not mean that you have to become your spouse’s shadow; quite the contrary, it is normal for people to have a difference of opinion. However, the more you have in common, the easier it is for you to make up after having an argument.

Find time for sex. There is some debate as to whether couples have regular sex because they are happy or it is regular sex that makes partners happy in the first place. Both explanations stress that sex is important: it helps you to keep an intimate connection with your spouse.

Find ways to spend time together. No, watching TV together does not count; nor do brief spells constantly interrupted by children or pets. What you really need is an interesting activity that you both are involved in. This shared time will help your couple to deal with various crises: it is a sound base for mutual respect and lasting love.

Communicate. It is extremely important to be able to listen to your partner and understand his or her reasons for being angry or dissatisfied. Never diminish your partner’s feelings and emotions but rather try to understand them. Understanding your spouse is the first step towards finding a solution to your marital problems: just take it.

Be honest. Do not try to cover up your mistakes: if the truth is discovered, this will inevitably lead to the loss of trust which is essential for every marriage. It is always better to admit your mistake and try to correct it: as they say, honesty is the best policy.

Never pretend that you are happy when actually you are not. First, it is unlikely that you will be able to hide the truth for very long. Second, by not telling your partner about your innermost feelings you are making yourself even more miserable. Third, you are just wasting precious time that could be used for improving your marriage.

Anyway, how can your partner know that he does something wrong if you tell him that everything is okay?

To sum up, partners who take care of each other are very likely to have a long and happy marriage. Isn’t that something you already know?