It’s quite common to think that parents should have full control over their child’s behavior. It works well for some kids, but what if your child has his/her own opinion on everything and it seems like your child does everything his/her own way? Does it mean you’re a bad parent if you can’t control your child? Let’s find out.

When your child fights at any attempt of your control and doesn’t listen to anything you say, you can spend years struggling to force him/her to do what you want. You probably know that children need support and mentoring, as well. So why are you trying to do the opposite? The simple answer is when you reach your limit; it’s really hard to react the right way. If that’s the case, you may need support. Someone experienced in this kind of situation. Let’s say, a coach.

Yes, it can be hard to accept that you need help to manage your own kids, but a professional and compassionate coach can help you understand what really matters to your child and how to nurture and grow a healthy relationship. You need education and tools that work. Otherwise, you may end up like many exhausted parents who are ready to give up on their kids.

A coach will remind you that you should take care of yourself in order to become the parent you want to be. You should have a grown up with whom you can discuss what really matters to your child and to help you earn his/her trust while allowing your child to be him/herself. If you have all of this, you will be able to develop relationships that are more enjoyable, create better memories, and handle everything differently. You have the power to make everything easier for the two of you.

What Should You Learn?

You can’t build a healthy relationship with your child by trying to shame, punish, threaten, or argue with him/her. Manipulating your child is also a bad idea. It’s the easiest way to get what you want short-term, but it’s really destructive in the long-term because manipulation creates mistrust. It doesn’t engage cooperation at all.

What you can (and should) do is to provide an environment and support system that will help children learn the lessons that they need in order to succeed in this world. As a parent, you have the power to teach kids how to deal with conflicts, arguments, disappointments, and other difficult situations that happen to everyone. You can also teach your child to be happy and secure.

Childhood is a magical time when you learn about life. As your kids set out on a big adventure, they can make mistakes and learn from them; they discover new people, places, and situations. They are overcoming challenges, failing and getting up, and learning more. Children should have fun. They are full of energy and joy, unlike grownups who are overwhelmed with daily problems.

Of course, you should set limits for your children to protect them from danger. But if you want to raise a child who is ready to live an adult life, you should let them take responsibility for their actions. Allow them to make decisions and enjoy or suffer the consequences. Help them solve their problems, but don’t limit their choices.

Parents can become obstacles in the way of their children, instead of helping them grow. Understandably, not everyone has enough energy to communicate on a deeper level with their children. It requires a lot of compassion and love.

Instead, it is easier to set strict rules and control every step a child makes. We think that this helps kids to make the right decisions. You may feel like it is ultimately the best thing you can do, but if you invest the time and energy in overcoming these parenting challenges, you will develop a new level of cooperation with your kids. Give it a try and it will pay you back many times over.