Your backyard is the best place for taking a well-earned rest after a hard day at work. DIY garden furniture is well worth investing in; besides, the projects we suggest will only take a tiny fraction of your time.


All too often tree stumps look unappealing and downright ugly. Here is probably the easiest way to give them a makeover: spray paint old wooden salad bowls red, cut a piece of white duct tape into little circles and stick them to the bowl, then screw the ‘caps’ of your mushrooms to the stumps. Lovely, aren’t they? You might also use logs to make your toadstools movable.

Stump Table

A tall tree stump can be easily turned into a picnic table: just screw a large round wooden lid on its top. This table is both attractive and functional: it might seem that it was specially designed for your backyard.

Wire Patio Table

It is almost impossible to believe that this elegant patio table stands on two tomato cages. In this blog you will find detailed instructions on how to make its exact replica. What’s more, the materials for the table will not cost much: it is perfectly possible to enjoy chic designs on a budget.

Old Tire Table

Old tires are extremely versatile. First, you can use a tire as an ottoman. Second, two tires and a round piece of glass make an impressive coffee table. Paint the tires as brightly as possible, glue them together and put the glass on top. As the tires provide a wide and very stable base, you might decide not fix the glass with glue and use the tires to store drinks and stuff.

Bistro table

This pretty bistro table is entirely made from 2x4s. People who have a way with wood will be able to make it in less then two or three hours: an excellent choice for those who see themselves drinking coffee in Montmartre.

Wooden bench

A few precious seconds in the morning you spend sitting on a bench, drinking orange juice and watching the sun rise will definitely make you happy and full of energy. Want to know how to get yourself a bench? Just visit this blog and you can’t go wrong: the instructions are clear and detailed.

Pallet organizer

The golden rule of every gardener is that your garden should be neat and tidy. Thus, you simply can’t do without racks for storing tools. This blogger will teach you how to make a rack with a special compartment for gloves, scissors and other small items. He even found space for some flowerpots to make the rack look even more cheerful. Good job!

Swing bed

Here is what happens when you mix a hammock with a swing. An excellent gift for a girl, this swing bed makes an excellent place to spend summer evenings reading such classics as Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre for the very first time. Reading and swinging while lying down: there is nothing better than this.