Do you know children who love to put sunscreen on? I honestly don’t know any. Sometimes I just want to skip the sunscreen and avoid this battle but then I remind myself that it isn’t safe for children. In fact, sun protection is one of the priorities. It protects kids against sunburns and long-term effects, like skin cancer.

That’s why I found some simple ways to apply sunscreen on kids so that they behave nicely when I come towards them with a sunscreen bottle.

Face Painting

If you have a little child, tell him that you’re going to paint something on his cheeks and forehead. And your child should guess what you’re painting! You can make it even more fun by letting your child to paint something on your cheeks if he gets what you’re painting right. Then you will just rub in the sunscreen and that’s it.

Cute girl with a sunscreen painted sun on face

Make-up Sponge

It may sound silly to use a make-up tool to apply sunscreen but it really works. I use my make-up sponge to apply sunscreen on my child’s face. My kid just loves how the sponge feels in his face and you won’t get any sunscreen on your hands, too.

The Countdown

This is for older kids who aren’t very patient. Just be careful when you countdown because sunscreen can get into eyes. So, you should count down from 10 to 1 while you put sunscreen on your child’s face. Many kids love seeing if you can do it in time, so you can count a bit slower to give yourself enough time to get the job done.

Child with a sunscreen pained sun

In The Mirror

Many kids can’t sit still if they don’t see themselves. If you have older children, you can let them apply sunscreen on their faces. It works great for children who protest having others touching their faces or applying sunscreen.

Take Turns

This one is also for older children who can apply sunscreen to your face. So you can do your child’s face first and as a reward for his/her patience, let him put sunscreen on your face. Children love getting involved and you will never forget to put sunscreen on your face, too.

Daughter puts sunscreen on her mothers face

Find Missing Spots

If you have younger children, a quick and easy way to apply sunscreen on them is to ask which part of their bodies you missed applying sunscreen to. So you can tell them it is their job to figure out what spot you missed on their body. Tell them that they should guess because you’re not sure. It’s a challenge for them! Don’t forget to cover that spot after they guess correctly or that could have a sunburn.

And here are a few tips that can help your child have sunburn-free summer: reapply sunscreen every two hours (or more often if your child gets wet) because most sunscreens aren’t water resistant. And you can get travel-size sunscreen bottles and put them everywhere, in your purse, beach bag, car, etc. This way, you don’t have to worry about being out with your child without sunscreen.

Avoid using sunscreen on children under 6 months old because infants are susceptible to harmful effects from sunscreen. You can still protect their skin from UV rays by keeping them in the shade and dressing them in clothing and a sun hat. I would recommend using lotions on children instead of sprays because you will see where you’re applying sunscreen. Sprays can get into lungs or just lost in winds.