These sisters went viral because they delivered their babies 20 minutes apart and took the cutest photo shoot ever to celebrate their babies’ birthdays.

Corey Struve Tallbott and Katie Struve Morgan have always been together and shared everything – no surprise they shared an experience that made them even closer. Tallbott said she is a year and ten months older, so they are very close in age. She said they were called the ‘sticky sisters’ because they were together all the time.

These Sisters Gave Birth Just 20 Minutes Apart

They even stuck in delivery. Tallbott said her sister wanted to get pregnancy tests for them and it was three days before Christmas. And both tests were positive. Then the sisters surprised everyone on Christmas Day. And eight months later, they both gave birth. They even had one doctor who ran out during Tallbott’s labor to help her sister.

When they were pregnant, they had a photo shoot with a photographer Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photo, which got lots of attention – and just a year later, they got another photo shoot with the same photographer to celebrate their daughter’s birthdays.

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The sisters said that Brenden has been their photographer from the beginning and she came with the idea of recreating their maternity photos. These two shoots reflect the relationships between the sisters and their daughters who are growing up as sisters, too.

Sisters said that they still do everything together, even some simple things. They said they can call each other for anything and now they have babies who are basically twins. They enjoy this magical time and we’re happy they’re doing it together.