If you are having sleep problems and feel that your body isn’t good enough, maybe you spend too much time scrutinizing someone else’s photos on Instagram.

As more and more people spend a great deal of their time on social media, the Royal Society for Public Health issues a report showing that scrolling through photoshopped photos can be detrimental to your health.

1,479 people took part in a survey carried out to reveal the impact of such popular platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat on feelings and emotions of their users. Researchers also analyzed such an objective criterion as quality of sleep and asked participants questions about their experiences of being bullied or humiliated while using the platforms.

Here are the results: four of five platforms made the participant feel bad, with Instagram having the most damaging effect on their self-esteem. Although participants generally associated YouTube with positive feelings, the survey shows that all five platforms may cause sleep problems.

Reasons why Instagram is accused of being able to make your life miserable are rather obvious: only too often people compare their (sometimes not perfect) bodies with ideal photoshopped images which can lead to a loss of confidence and self-consciousness.

The researchers recommend that social media develop a way to warn their users of digitally manipulated photos: such techniques as adding small watermarks or icons were suggested among other things.

Another issue that needs to be addressed is time that users spend on social media: the platforms are advised to remind their users to sign off when it is too late or an established time limit has been exceeded.

However, the user may simply ignore this reminder: in the end, it is only up to you how large a part of your life you are ready to lose looking at the screen.

So, why not to go out and enjoy yourself playing with your kids? It is a real good alternative to ubiquitous social media platforms.