You can easily prevent or treat most infant’s hearing problems if you spot them early. There are certain signs that tell you there is something wrong with your child’s ears.

All states have a bit different laws regardless hearing screening for infants; some states mandate it, others urge parents to come and go through the screening. In West Virginia, for example, they require insurers to pay while in Ohio you take care of the costs. Regardless of the state laws, make sure your baby has gone through the screening. If it hasn’t been done after the birth, schedule it within a month.

In a hospital, your child will go through one or two short tests. One test checks ear damage, while another analyzes ear response to sound. If a doctor refers you to other specialists, don’t delay. Your child develops important senses within first 18 months, and hearing is a vital part of healthy development. For example, babies can’t learn the language properly when they have hearing problems. Addressing the problem early will help keep baby development on par with others.

Every visit to a doctor should include a hearing check. If your baby is 12 months or older, he/she should imitate the voice, then use single words by 18 months and speak in short sentences by 2 years.

How To Spot Plugged Ears

Many children experience temporary hearing loss due to fluids trapped behind the eardrum. Parents mistakenly assume that a child wasn’t listening and misbehaving because he was acting up while it was a hearing problem. Fluids can build up when a child doesn’t have any ear infection and they don’t have any noticeable signs. The child feels fine and parents suspect there is something wrong only when there is a problem with speech.

If your child has an ear infection, it usually clears up quickly. However, there are more serious conditions and you should visit a doctor to identify the root of the problem.

Child’s Toys Can Be Very Loud

You may not even notice that the most dangerous place in your house is your child’s playroom. Some squeaky toys can exceed 100 decibels and many children held toys close to their ears, which is really dangerous. Turn off everything that is too loud.

Temporary hearing loss is a common infant’s condition that can be prevented and successfully treated.