Robert Irwin presents his own stunning work, thanks to his parents’ passion for wildlife.

Robert has an Instagram page where he shares all his gorgeous photos. He said that he was inspired by his father who always had a camera with him. He had animals in his backyard which had helped Robert to capture the beauty of nature and animals around him.

Robert has Canon DSLR and different lenses to take photos of architecture, wildlife and landscapes. He said he loves adventure and exploration so he gets lots of amazing photo opportunities. He likes inspiring people and he is passionate about protecting the environment for future generations.

Robert said that his favorite picture is a python on a termite mound. He said snakes are hard to find and he had to track down the python. When he finally found him, they photographed the snake for over an hour to get the perfect shot.

The photographer has won several awards for his photos. He said he wants to continue taking pictures of wildlife to show others the importance of protecting the nature and animals.