In 2014, Martine Zoer launched her children’s clothing company to combat gender stereotypes for kids around the world. She started a Kickstarter campaign and it was a huge success. Her brand specializes on gender-neutral T-shirts with stereotype combating graphics and slogans. And now she published a really cool photo shoot.

‘Still A Girl’ Photoshoot

She says that many people were confused by her mission. She tried to explain to them that it’s not about gender-neutrality but about stereotypes that should be forgotten. She started two hashtags on Instagram – #stillaboy and #stillagirl – with stereotype combatting images. For example, she posted a boy in a pink shirt with a doll.

Many people started using the hashtags so Zoer created two Instagram accounts – @stillagirl and @stillaboy – where she published boys and girls doing things that aren’t considered suitable for their gender, like a boy sniffing a flower and a girl being adventurous.

‘Still A Girl’ Photoshoot

In the recent photo shoot, she is trying to show that girls can climb trees, play with bugs or have dirty feet, just like boys. Many professional photographers offered their services to create quality images and spread the message that there is no right way to be a girl.

In the photo shoot, photographers focus on real moments and emotions, instead of trying to get the perfect posture and a cute outfit. Girls on these pictures have a genuine smile and a confident look. Interested parents can visit the Still A Girl website. Zoer says the response is great.

She says parents love the idea because their daughters show their real beauty. And girls love participating as well because they can do what they love and feel confident about themselves.

‘Still A Girl’

Zoer says photos are a great way to show that girls are beautiful the way they are. She adds that sometimes one session can change the way a girl sees herself.

What do you think about this? I personally love creative photo shoots that help spread an important message!