Everybody likes to cool down in a swimming pool. However, regular pools are usually way too deep to be used safely by toddlers and small children. Down under they found an ingenious and really cheap way to deal with this problem: they turn standard stock tanks into soaking pools.

Here are the reasons why the stock tank pool will be ideal for your backyard:

  • The tank is easy to put in: all you need is a flat and level place.
  • Stock tanks are typically two feet high. This makes them reasonably deep for your toddler to swim and enjoy herself in, and shallow enough to easily get above the water. Nonetheless, you should never allow your children to play in a pool without parental supervision.
  • There are not many places where you are able to use your pool in the fall and winter. The stock tank pool can be easily disassembled and stored in your garage so that your backyard does not seem cluttered.
  • Stock tanks are inexpensive. You can either opt for a heavy-duty tank made of galvanized steel or decide on a lightweight tank made of plastic to save some cash.
  • Stock tanks are stronger than cheap inflatable rubber pools. You cannot expect your children to be always gentle and careful, and it is therefore very likely that they will wear out a rubber pool in a matter of weeks.

If you have decided to get yourself a stock tank pool, we recommend that you read this thorough and detailed article that will help you to avoid many potential pitfalls. First of all, your pool will need regular cleaning. Although you can use chlorine or bromine tablets to kill germs and algae, both these substances are toxic to humans: you don’t want to expose your children to potentially dangerous chemicals. Thus, a filter pump is an absolute necessity: the only other option you have is to empty your pool every time it gets dirty, and this job is bound to get on your nerves in the long run. Bear in mind that sand filter pumps are more expensive but have a very long lifespan, and you will have to replace cartridge filters every two weeks or so.

Attaching the filter pump to the pool will require some drilling and plumbing so that you might need professional assistance.

The stock tank pool might seem austere; however, there are numerous ways to decorate it and make it more usable. You might need pool ladders to enable your kids to get into the pool, and pool noodles and diving rings make ideal toys to play with.

A solar cover will keep debris out of the water, while a large sunshade and a wooden partition is exactly what you need to create a cozy atmosphere.

Pebbles all over the ground will make you think of a pebble beach.

You can convert your stock tank pool into an above-ground pool with a deck made of stone or wood.

And who said that you cannot dig a hole to turn an above-ground pool into an in-ground pool? Let your imagination run wild!