There is a gun in every third house in the US, so you should teach your kids about gun safety. Read on to learn how to talk about the dangers of guns.

If you have a gun at home, your children shouldn’t be able to reach it. Keep it locked, and store its ammunition separately.

Toy Guns

Some parents like toy guns and some don’t. Whether you think of them, explain to your children that real guns are dangerous and can kill a person.

How to Teach Your Kids about Gun Safety

How to Talk About Gun Safety

Here is how a child should act if they see a real gun:

  • Do not touch it;
  • Leave the area;
  • Tell adults about the gun.

Explain to your children that they have to leave the area. Even a 3-year-old can pull a trigger, so it is important to get as far as possible to avoid being harmed.

If You Have a Gun in Your Home

If you have children and keep your gun at home, it is important to explain kids about safety rules and follow simple safety tips:

  • Always take the ammo out of the gun;
  • Keep the gun out of reach of children;
  • Lock ammo in a separate place;
  • Don’t store these keys where you store other keys;
  • Never leave the gun unattended.

Safe keeping guns at home

If you want to dispose your gun, you should call your local police station and they will take care of everything else. Or you can wait for “buy-back” days. During these days, you can bring your gun to make it unusable. Your local police department should have more information about when and where it will happen.

Gun Safety Outside Your Home

Even if you don’t have a gun at home, many other people have it. They can see a gun in someone else’s house or under many other circumstances. Ask your kids which friends have guns and discuss safety with their parents. This may feel awkward, but others are likely to understand that safety is always a priority.

If your child’s friend has a gun, make sure it doesn’t possess a safety risk. If you’re in doubt, offer your child to invite his/her friend to your house instead.

Child with toy rifle

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should keep their guns away from a child when the little one starts crawling (around 6 months). If your child comes to play to someone’s house, ask if there are guns and how they’re stored.

Explain your child that they shouldn’t touch a gun. If there are no adults around and their friend has a real gun, they should leave the area. If it happens, a child should tell parents immediately.

Make sure your children understand that real guns aren’t fun and they can do real damage (compared to TV shows and movies).

If you keep a gun at home, securing them and teaching children about gun safety will help develop healthy respect for them. When children get older and can be involved in hunting or shooting, you should also explain them how to properly store and handle a gun. It helps develop understanding of the way they should treat a gun and why they should follow safety rules.

Guns at home

However, if you see your child shows signs of depression or fear, store your guns outside the house.

What do you think about the gun safety? How old the child should be to understand the importance of it? Share your thoughts in the comments!