Some parents notice that their kids behave much better when other people are around. Kids love testing limits of their parents because they know moms and dads love them regardless.

If that’s your situation, there are simple tips teachers want to give you so that you can get the best from your kid.

Independent child

How To Promote Independence

Even though small children need your help, preschool teachers state that they can do much more than you think. And you can encourage your kids to become more independent.

  • Expect More

Preschoolers live up to your expectations. At school, teachers want them to be independent and kids do that. Don’t let them climb into strollers when they get out of the classroom – demand more.

  • Don’t Do Everything For Your Child

While it’s tempting to do everything yourself, it’s not helpful for your child. Preschoolers have pride and you can use it to your advantage.

  • Don’t Fix What They’ve Done

If your child makes her bed and does something wrong, don’t smooth the blankets. Unless it is necessary, just compliment her style. If you do, it can be discouraging.

  • Children Can Solve Problems Without You

If your child is trying to get a book from the shelf, don’t help. If your child is safe, these moments help build her character.

Child ties shoelaces

  • Assign Simple Chores

Your preschooler should be responsible for something simple like to water the plants. It helps to build their confidence and become more independent. Just make sure the chore is manageable and not busywork. The goal is that your child should contribute to her family.

Winning Cooperation

Does your child sit quietly in the class and then comes home and starts winning? There are simple ways to make children cooperate and teachers are ready to share them.

Kids repeat behaviors that attract your attention, so phrase them for good behaviors. This will help develop behavioral patterns and routes and kids will know what is expected from them. When children are at school, they do the same thing over and over again and they don’t need a reminder. You don’t have to have a strict structure at home; you should be consistent if you want your child to be more cooperative.

  • Turn Boring Things into A Fun Game

If your child doesn’t want to do something, turn it into a game. Humor is a lifesaver for parents and it helps children forget about the heated moment.

  • Make An Advance Notice

If your child doesn’t stop playing to come eat or shutting off the TV, it might mean that you’re missing an advance notice. At school, children expect these transitions and they are willing to make them. If you need your child to stop doing something, warn her 15 minutes in advance and set a timer.

  • Give Choices

If your child doesn’t want to sit at the table, you might offer a choice of sitting and getting a treat or not sitting and not getting a treat. Just make sure the second option is less attractive.

  • Play Is Important

Kids nowadays have very structured days. They need time for an imaginative play and you don’t need to keep a child entertained 24/7. Let your child get bored and make sure she has paint, papers, toys and other things to play.

Cooperation work child and father

  • Music Helps

There are cleanup songs for a reason. Play some music, and everything becomes fun. You can even say ‘Can you finish this before the song ends?’

  • Teamwork Helps As Well

If you have two or more children and they’re fighting over a toy, set a timer for five minutes. Tell that one child can have the toy for five minutes and then he has to give the toy to another kid.

Disciplining The Right Way

Preschool teachers never use time-outs, but many parents do. So, are there other good strategies to discipline a child?

  • Discipline Right On Place

If you have to discipline your child, do it when you see bad behavior. If you wait until home, your child will forget about the incident.

I hope these simple tips will help you have healthy, loving relationships with your child. If you have your own working strategies, share them in the comments section!