Many toddlers are finicky about what they eat. Although picky eating can cause a lot of problems, it can be successfully dealt with: all you need to know is the reason behind the child’s behavior.

Here is the list of typical causes for disliking broccoli and preferring French fries.

I’m too old for this meal! At the age of two or three many children try to become independent of their parents. They insist on getting their own way: be it planning a menu or choosing clothes, they want to decide for themselves. Rather than insisting on ‘one more bite’, offer them a variety of flavors and tastes: this will help them to enjoy their freedom of choice and guarantee that they have a balanced diet.

It’s too bitter! Some kids are really sensitive to a bitter taste. They might dislike roasted vegetables that are no longer sweet and prefer raw veggies. You can either use various sauces to modify the taste of bitter dishes or offer you child finely chopped sweet fruit and vegetables.

I’m not hungry! The speed of growth slows down a little as your kid turns two, so it might be possible that they simply don’t need that much food. Active play and physical exercises will surely give them an appetite: introduce new meals when they are really hungry.

picky eater doesn't want to eat vegetables

I’m tired of sitting at the table. Small children have tons of energy to spare and just can’t sit at the table for more than ten or fifteen minutes. Offer them smaller servings of favorite meals and choose foods that do not require a lot of chewing: this will save you some precious minutes to introduce new tastes.

I want something interesting! The way you serve meals can be extremely important. Try out new forms and arrangements or use plates with funny pictures and napkins with your kid’s favorite cartoon heroes.

Never give up: all you need is patience and determination. Then again, children often grow out of picky eating when they turn three or four.

toddler in spaghetti