Tantrums, mischief and disobedience can be effectively handled using creative activities. Just find what your child likes best.

There are numerous reasons why your kids might start to behave badly. Sometimes they are just hungry and do not realize it (and if you are hungry too the situation may get dangerous extremely fast). It might happen that they are tired and need a nap.

Sometimes long spells of misbehavior mean that there is something wrong with the whole family: kids may get nervous if they witness quarrels between parents, or feel abandoned or unloved.

Bad behavior might also result from school problems: incidents of bullying are only too common. It is also possible that sudden spells of mischief are caused by your child getting ill. This list can be continued: always look for reasons behind shrieks and a lack of obedience.

To placate a moody child before they throw a tantrum try to engage them in a creative activity: concentration on an interesting task might help to distract them from feeling unhappy. We call these activities ‘time-ins’ and not ‘time-outs’ because your kid actually does something to relax and feel better. Here is the list of time-tested tasks that might appeal to your child:

  • To draw a picture
  • To read a story from a book and then retell it to their parents
  • To build something using LEGO or Erector Set
  • To make a postcard using glue, scissors and colored paper
  • To play a musical instrument
  • To listen to an audio book and then retell it or make a sequel
  • To dance to the music
  • To practice writing letters

Grown ups need time-ins as well: while your children are busy doing their tasks, spend ten or fifteen minutes doing physical exercises, yoga or reading a book: this will recharge your energy and greatly add to your patience.

Remember: the better you know your kids, the easier it is to you to explain their emotional outbursts and offer them the ideal activity to relax and calm down.