Summer is a wonderful time when you can fully enjoy being together with your kids. Here are some ideas how to turn regular summer days into a great adventure.

To save your time and efforts in August, use the first days of summer to buy everything your kid will need to go back to school in September. Using this approach you guarantee that the last days of August will be spent in the atmosphere of relaxation and happiness.

Write down a list of what you want to do this summer. Then do not waste time and do it!

sun drawn on the sand

Then again, do not be too much angry with yourself for shelving your plans: sometimes good old doing nothing is exactly what you need.

Exercise. First, regular physical exercise is a perfect way to burn off fat and get into shape. Second, you will set a positive example for your kids.

A beach bag should always be packed beforehand: rummaging through drawers looking for swimsuits and towels when you are dying to go swimming is no fun at all.

Have plenty of toys for children to play with when outdoors. Such classic toys as bubbles, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, kites, glow sticks, sparkles, water balloons and sprinklers will keep your kids from computer screens, which is a very good thing.

Read together with your kids, discuss what you’ve read, write sequels and make up your own stories. This is a time-tested way to introduce your children to books.

children with books in the nature

Have a garage sale. You will both get rid of what you no longer need and make some money: isn’t it wonderful?

Do not forget about summer camps: your kids will have the time of their lives there, and you will have a week or two to spend with your spouse (wink!).

Last but not least, be inventive: your creativeness is your best friend!

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