When you decorate your child’s room, you want something that they won’t outgrow quickly and something they like, too. That’s why many parents think it’s a challenging task to find the balance between fun and style.

Luckily, there are many ways to decorate and furnish a child’s playroom; even better, you don’t have to bust your budget. Check out these 5 ideas for the playroom and see how to mix pure fun and high style.

1. Light and Bright Playroom

You can mix minimalistic style and toys by using a room with a large window that makes it look light, bright and spacious. Children need a lot of space for imaginative play so you can set up play stations for activities like blocks and coloring, and use labeled baskets for toys.

Keep in mind that lighting should be adequate but safe. Natural light is always the best and you should avoid table lamps because they are easily pulled. If you have these lamps in a playroom, make sure to hide cords and secure sockets. Other lighting sources such as recessed light and sconces work well.

Cover the floor with soft rugs and you have the warm, fun and inviting playroom.

light and bright playroom

2. Playroom With A Chalkboard

Kids love drawing scribbles on your white walls, and now you can actually let them do this. Chalkboard is great for so many games and fun activities! Kids love playing with chalk out in the garden but when it’s rainy outside, your child doesn’t have to stop his activities and can move over to the playroom chalkboard.

You can make a chalkboard door or a blackboard wall, especially if the rest of the room is in white, beige and other light colors. And if you don’t want to see chalk everywhere, go for whiteboard paint that you can wipe out. Add bright toys, pillows and other fun accessories to make the most of your playroom.

playroom with chalkboard

3. Playroom With A Tent And Fun Striped Walls

Kids love adventures and places to hide out. No surprise that tents are so popular; they provide kids with a cubby house feeling, they are a cozy place where they can lay with you and read stories. So if you have imagined an amazing kid experience for your children, you can buy (or DIY, there are plenty of tutorials online!) a tent for kids to provide endless fun for them.

Stripped walls painted in light colors such as white and blue add to the creative atmosphere of the playroom, while bright pillow and quirky colored mattresses provide a place for rest.

playroom with fun striped walls

4. Playful Storage And A Work Station

When planning a playroom, consider storage needs of your child. Keep the shelves low so a child can reach. Add baskets to provide extra storage for small items and books. And the classic furniture should meet your child’s needs for many years to come.

Your child wants a place to create artwork, and we love the idea of a wooden worktop desk. The warm colors of wood add to the atmosphere and provide a surface for every activity from Play-Doh to tea time.

Playful storage and work station

5. Bright Spotty Cupboards

A soft and calming color palette can feel fun and eye-catching when you add bright spotty cupboards. Spots add pops of fun color and timeless light walls will suit your child as he grows. A small table and a comfortable rug can give your kid a place to play and create.

These are our top 5 playroom style ideas. What do you think? We hope they inspire you on how to create a perfect space for having fun.

playroom with bright spotty cupboards

Source: IdealHome