Have you already tried a variety of tricks to help your kids keep sitting while doing their hair and it seems like nothing works? Here, we discuss the amazing tips that have already helped many parents.

Doing your child’s hair is an everyday task and for some parents it’s an everyday battle, too. For little kids, spending a minute doing nothing is a real challenge. Even if you’re a hair stylist and can do everything in 5 minutes, it still seems like an hour. So here are the proven steps for getting the hair done without the fuss.

Use a Comfortable Chair

Always get a chair that is comfortable and at the right height. There are cheap models on the market with adjustable height. Prepare all the brushes and other tools and make sure you can easily reach everything.

Think about something your kid can do on that comfortable chair. Some kids calm down when they watch a TV; others prefer eating a snack while you’re doing their hair. Just give them something to enjoy and your child will sit still.

doing child hair on the comfortable chair

Start With The Simple Hairstyles

If your child isn’t used to having hairstyles or isn’t a big fun of getting one, choose something quick and simple. The best hairstyle for starters is the one that your child is familiar with and that you can make in five minutes. Explain the kid that it is going to take less than 5 mins and she looks even more adorable with her hair done. It is also a good lesson of time.

After some time, you can get creative with hairstyles and let your child to choose one. For instance, prepare 3 hairstyle pictures you can do and show them. Children love being involved in the process and they will be willing to sit if they know what they get. And you can teach them the importance of decision-making, as well.

Be Gentle

If doing hair is associated with pain and other negative feelings, the child will do everything to avoid it. There are special detangle sprays for children to help you brush their hair and make this experience much more pleasant. When you’re brushing the hair, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Always hold the hair while you’re brushing them.

doing child hair

Take Care Of Knots

Knots are quite common in children’s hair and you shouldn’t brush down on it. Take care of the knot by holding it in one hand and delicately pick to the side. Then take time to detangle the knot by slowly loosening and teasing it bit by bit.

Accessories Are Fun

Make your children busy by letting them choose bright and fun accessories. You will get enough time to make their hair done and assure everything looks pretty with the accessories. You will also know that your child likes how she looks. Even better, painful experience will turn into a fun, enjoyable activity. Both you and your child will be happier to try out new hairstyles.

As always, there is no remedy that will definitely work for your child but these tips can really help. You may have to experiment first to ensure your child will not only sit still for as long as you need but also participate in the process and get creative. We hope these tips will be your starting point toward the new fun family activity.

Doing children hair

How do you do your child’s hair? Share your ideas in the comment section!