Stephanie Miller has always been a creative person but when she became a mother, she felt she can’t find a place for her arts anymore. Then she became with this creative idea.

Stephanie says when she gave birth to her first child, they didn’t have much space for paintings and oil paints have unhealthy fumes, so she had to switch these for motherhood. And with lifestyle changes, she felt that she lost her identity.

Fortunately, she found a new way to express herself by making really cute dresses for her daughters out of old husband’s t-shirts.

Stephanie has two sons and two daughters. She has a degree in fine arts and taught drawing classes but after giving birth she felt that art doesn’t inspire her anymore. Her husband decided to support her and bought her a sewing machine. Stephanie started with stuffed animals and then she learned how to make dresses.

A bit later, she realized that she prefers refashioning over creating new pieces. She says her husband was getting rid of old clothes but she kept a few of his t-shirts in hopes of refashioning them. She followed online tutorials and her first attempt was a huge success.

The mom says she has girly girls who love dresses and they even make requests for what style they would love to wear. Miller grew up in a family with little money to spare and she is thankful to her mom who taught her to be creative. That’s how Stephanie came up with the idea of making clothes that are unique. She knows that she will never see the same outfit on someone else.

Miller says refashioning is an affordable and sustainable way to get new clothing items. She prefers t-shirts because they have buttons and the hemming is done. Miller has time late at night and early in the morning and she uses fabric donated by her friends and family, as well as ribbons, secondhand clothes and so on. She also has an Instagram account where she posts her creations.

Miller notes that it’s important for kids to see that their parents have hobbies and want to reach their goals and dreams. She says she wants to make the world around her better and she hopes to inspire her kids to do the same. Miller also says creating is an important part of her life and she believes every person can create something fascinating.

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