Your kid shouldn’t stay indoors to escape the summer heat. Here are some funny activities with water to take part in: they are ideal both for your backyard and the beach.

Toss games

  • Balloon toss. Arrange children into pairs: each pair receives a water balloon. One player tosses the balloon to her partner who catches it and takes a step back to make the distance between players longer. The players continue to toss the balloon back and forth and get farther apart; if the pair’s balloon pops, the pair leaves the competition. The pair that keeps tossing their balloon until there are no competitors left wins.
  • Towel toss. Two people who make the first team hold a towel by its corners. There is a water balloon in the center of the towel; the team makes a snapping motion and throws the balloon into the air. The second team has to catch the balloon with their towel: this is not as easy a task as it might seem.
  • Sponge toss. This game is played by two or more teams. One team member is given a pail of water and five or six kitchen sponges. She stands with her back to the rest of the team, soaks the sponges in water and tosses them over her head to her teammates who catch the sponges and squeeze the water into a smaller pail. When all the sponges have been squeezed out, a new thrower takes her turn. The team that fills their pail first wins.
  • Water baseball. Take batting practice as usual but use water balloons rather than baseballs. Every time the batter hits, there will be tons of laughter!

Race games

  • Sponge race: each contestant is given a pail full of water and a sponge she needs to use to carry the liquid to the empty pail some ten yards further. The player who fills her pail first, wins.
  • Water relay race. The kids should be arranged in two lines. The first kid in the line fills up a cup from a pail full of water and passes it over her head to children behind her. The last kid empties the cup into a small pail near her and runs to the front. The team’s goal is to fill their pail up first. To make the race even funnier, punch two or three holes in the cup.
  • Car race: both toddlers and their elder siblings adore this game! All you need are a small toy car and a squirt bottle. As the kid presses the bottle, the stream hits the car and makes it move. Who will reach the finish line first?

Fun activities

  • If ice is frozen water, then frozen watercolors are icecolors. Just fill plastic trays with clear water, add watercolors, stir and put them into the freezer. Let the icecolors melt a little: kids can draw with them both on paper and fabric. Art is cool!
  • Who said you cannot make a water slide at home? All you need is a large piece of tarp (spread it out evenly over a small slope), a garden hose to hang over the tarp (use a clothesline to fix the hose in place) and some cheep shampoo to make the tarp slippery. Turn on the faucet so that you have a spray of water that falls on the tarp: you are all set.
  • Sew together corners of nine or ten kitchen sponges so that you have a large sponge snowflake. Use it as a gigantic water bomb: it’s time for war!