Shampoo bottles make excellent materials for DIY projects. Just take a look at these cute toys!

Real Monsters

Here is how to create an adorable monster. Take a brightly colored shampoo bottle. You will also need a pair of scissors, glue, markers and sticker paper. Now you… Well, this blogger seems to know everything about creating a new generation of Frankensteins. Beware: they feed on pens and pencils!

Customizable Vases

Why bother to buy a new vase when you have plenty of empty shampoo bottles? Just spay paint a bottle and you will get yourself a dashing vase. Do not forget too add some flowers!

Charging Cell Phone Holders

Hundreds of millions of people start the day looking at screens of their cell phones. Charging a cell phone is a serious business: to fill your phone up with electricity in style you will need a special charging holder. This blogger created her very first charging holder back in 2011. Since then she has been refining the original design. Lovely, isn’t it?

Sink Caddy

An X-acto knife can really do wonders! Cut a large hole in your plastic bottle and bend it using the heat of the candle. A double-pocket sink caddy is ready to use: there are separate compartments for a bar of soap and a sponge.

Your own Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs never really fall out of fashion. It turns out that a large rectangular shampoo bottle and a flower cutter is all you need to turn your room into a real Jurassic Park. Here you will find comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to treat you kids to a unique new toy: it is as easy as falling off a log.


This elegant sailboat makes you think of times of china-clippers and tall ships. No one will ever believe that you have made it out of trash like a wine cork, potato chip bag, stirrer and empty shampoo bottle. Small children often like to play with toys while taking a bath: will this sailboat cross the Atlantic of your bathtub?

Wind Chimes

And now it’s time to take a look at empty cans. Did you know that you can use them to create music? Simply paint four cans in bright contrasting colors (you will need acrylic paints) and hang them on strings. Tie the strings around the overhanging branch of a tree and enjoy the ambient sounds the cans make in the wind.


The best thing about these shining robots is that you can use virtually anything to make your metal men look chic. Don’t be afraid to combine your cans with pipe cleaners, magnets, plastic lids and various hardware pieces. A hot-glue gun will help you to attach eyes, ears, noses and mouths to your robots’ heads: this project is all about allowing your imagination to run wild.

Storage Units

Empty cans can help you to keep your desk tidy. Fix the cans on your shelf using self-adhesive Velcro strips and forget about those annoying piles of paperwork. Good job!