To balance parenting and work is not an easy task. Still, who says you can’t do it?

Time is an extremely valuable resource, and most of us are continually short of it. Here are some tips on organizing your daily activities and finding time both for your family and your job.

Have a plan. Try to foresee obstacles and device a way to overcome them. If you can’t hit on the idea of your own, do not hesitate to ask friends what they would do in your place. For instance, you can move cooking to mornings or Sundays to have more freedom during your workdays.

Delegate as much as you can. There are very important things – like spending time with your kids and pursuing a career. It is you and only you who can do them, so to be always full of energy outsource cleaning and cooking. Do not hesitate to delegate a task to your kids: they can throw away their garbage and clean their rooms.

Ask your husband to help you. If you feel totally exhausted, ask your spouse to play with kids or put them to bed. It is beneficial both for your husband and child to have some time together.

Do not neglect your spouse. A regular night out with your husband will make your relationship strong enough to overcome any crisis.

Have friends. Bad things happen, and all too often you need someone’s immediate help. Stay-at-home moms can pick up something for you while you are at work, and moms with children the same age as yours can often assist you in solving most difficult problems with your kids.

Do not forget to get some rest. Ask your husband to take the kids on Saturday morning, so that you will be able to sleep in. Do the same for him on Sunday.

Last but not least: do not multitask. Always be present in your moments with your family. The world can wait.